Intelligent Pseudo-Human Universal Coital Kit

We’ve finally managed to create an iPhuck that is entirely pleasure.
The device is so stimulating that it disappears into the sexual experience.
And so intelligent it can respond to a touch, a slap, a gesture,
a voice, a glance, and even a moan.
With iPhuck X we’ve not only caught up with reality, we have surpassed it!
Meet the future of sex!


Socially Safe

iPhuck X is your ultimate protection against accusation in sexual abuse, harassment, non-consensual advances, postcoital disagreement, mental rape or retro-assault.


Gender Neutral

The device can be easily reconfigured to fully satisfy you in your current gender perception. Enhance your experience with a range of accessories included in the kit.


Fully Responsive

iPhuck X is a true copulate-and-go device that is always ready to act any way you want without long preparation, even when you smell, are drunk or in a bad mood.


iPhuck X is fully consistent with the current sexual education program of elementary and middle school


Marriages with iPhuck X are legalized in 34 US states, 27 countries and one vaudeville pseudo-state


iPhuck X is certified by the US Gender Equality Commission as the only device that fits all the 42 approved and 15 discussed genders

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F11 Coitonic

Superhuman prurience

Quantum Neural Processor

In the iPhuck X for the first time in history is used a quantum neural processor F11 Coitonic. The most intelligent chip ever in a smartdoll that is 200 percent more powerful than our previous F10 Analiser.

Faster CPU

The fifth-generation eight-core CPU capable of up to 1000 billion operations per second, which is 1000 times faster than an average actress. Makes your erotic experience really unique and unforgettable.

Adaptive Sexuality

Machine learning analyzes and saves your coitometrical preferences. On their basis is created a virtual 9D gallery of your possible female, male and alt-nature partners, as well as preferred sexual games.

Learn more about F11 Coitonic >

iASS 11

Next level of the Intelligent Augmented Sexual Sensation
Invention of WiCoC - a Wireless Cortex Connector, has made a revolution in the technology of augmented reality.

Its radiation produces tactile illusions in all the areas your body, while inhibiting activity of the certain brain zones. This allows elimination of the discrepancy between the picture in your augmented reality glasses and information coming from other senses.

Thanks to this compact device, experiences in augmented reality become incredibly vivid and perfectly real.

Designed for iPhuck X

iASS11 ultimately brings iPhuck X to life, making your experience incredibly personal and libidinous. New intuitive features and capabilities drastically improve the way you do THIS. Once you’ve tried iASS, you’ll see why lots of people love iPhuck.

Augmented Reality

Enjoy fantastically immersive sexual games and profiles with the most powerful, augmented reality ever. Each app is engineered with utmost attention to detail; while proactive suggestions from intelligent assistant appear right when you need them.

iPhuck Store

iASS includes a core collection of gender profiles and sexual games you’ll use every day. For anything else you want to try, you can discover millions more apps in iPhuck Social. You can also share your coital discoveries with friends using the OneRub feature.

Learn more about iASS11 >

Design and Materials

It’s all materialized pleasure

Super Stamina

An all-new 5.8-foot Super Stamina body fills your hands and erects in the pants. The device employs new technology to precisely follow the curves of the body, all the way to the elegantly rounded buttocks.

TrueSensation Textures

The first FINe skin that rises to the standards of iPhuck, with natural, soft colors, true smoothness, high gentleness, and a 1,000,000 sensors to 1 square inch that enable maximum response to a touch.

All-New Materials

The most durable rubber ever in a smartdoll, front and back. An inner space houses some of the most sophisticated technology. Aerospace-grade titanium skeleton. Fluid resistance, self-cleaning.

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Phuck ID

A revolution in intimacy

Secure Authentication

Your smell is now your password. Phuck ID is a secure way to authenticate, unlock and act. You can take iPhuck X to hotels, an office or a party being sure that no one else will seduce it.


The DeepInside sensors analyze movement of more than 450 different muscles in your body to reflect your expressions in 200 Sexemoji profiles. Reveal your inner pig, rabbit or jedi.

Intuitive Gestures

Familiar gestures make control natural and intuitive. Instead of pressing buttons or tapping icons, a single slap on the rubber ass immediately takes iPhuck X to your preferred position.

Learn more about Phuck ID >

DeepInside Sensors

The art of pornography. Simplified.

Panoramic Selfies

Create exciting motion selfies with sharp foreground scenes, artfully blurred backgrounds, and with studio-quality video and sound effects even in low light.

Virtual Zoom

The augmented reality engine, front and rear cameras, and multiple 120 MPPS DeepInside sensors on iPhuck enable optical zoom of up to 10x from any point.

Live Streaming

Stream your pornography on your favorite video and social media platforms with WiFi or G5. Invite your friends to join your materialized sexual fantasies.

View samples of DeepInside selfies >


Find the iPhuck that’s right for you.
We have considered and thought out everything. Groundbreaking technology. Selected materials. Precision assembly.
This makes iPhuck an expensive choice, which not everyone can afford.

But we do not compromise when it comes to human happiness!
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