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Hi guys! I hope you already guessed that this is a joke. :) The website is a parody on loads of manias tormenting the today's world: smarphone histeria, social media psychosis, sexual abuse paranoia, gender equality fixation, brand addiction and so on. If I'd try to express the entire world agenda of the last year in one line, it would sound like this:

"Anonymous sources in social media report that 60 years ago a famous producer mentally abused an unknown actress of an alternative gender, using the most powerful and intelligent smartphone ever! All progressive mankind is shocked! Why the hell does the UN keep silent???"

It's no longer fun, it's a world loony bin. I don't know if this site will help anyone to wake up, but at least I unburdened myself. Because all this crap pissed me off already! :) If someone felt insulted by this site, sorry guys - only a doctor can help.

Important information

All technological, business, cinematographic, political, personal and sexual coincidences are accidental and unintentional.

All stock photos are licensed from DepositPhotos . Btw, it's very good and inexpensive stock photo provider.

The idea of the site was inspired by the book "iPhuck X" written by the iconic russian wrriter Victor Pelevin. If you aren't familiar with his books you should definitely read a few to better understand what's going on with the modern society. Here's a short list of his books translated to english and some other languages:

I don’t produce, sell or promote iPhuck X or any other "coital kit" :) Still, if you need one, you can try to find something here, here or here. Alternatively you can call to the US Dept. of State - there're loads of ready to help staff, who are skilled in phucking brains.

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That's all folks. Stay in touch. Important news about iPhuck X life will come near Xmas. :)